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All the terms of cooperation and purchasing of artworks in the art shop are listed in the paragraphs:

Refund Policy
Privacy Policy
Terms Policy
Delivery information

For your maximum convenience to use our art shop, we have gathered the most important questions in one section.

Choose a painting according to your taste and enjoy!
If love at first sight does not happen, just return the work within 14-days.

How can I return the purchased painting?

We offer each customer a 14-days back guarantee without risk of losing money. Please, note that the following is required to receive a refund request:
• There must be less than 14-days since the moment of getting the painting;
• The artwork must be in its original packaging and in the same condition as it arrived;
• please, note that the artworks must be carefully prepared for return shipping in the original packaging in order to get the right for a refund, that’s why it is important for you to unpack carefully received paintings.
Click Returns Policy paragraph for more information on return policy.

How can I request a refund or item replacement?

Log in to your artspacedream account.
Visit the My Account/Returns page.
Follow the instructions on the form.

How should I return the painting?

Pictures should be sent back:
a) In the original packaging (except for the case when the package was damaged during the delivery and this is proved by the postal service document);
b) In its original form and without damages (except for the case when the package was damaged during the delivery).
Only in these cases, you can request the refund.

Which case will I not receive money back for the goods?

1. We do not refund money for the goods, if more than 14-days have passed since you received the painting.
2. We do not refund money for the goods if the received painting was damaged deliberately, in cases of abnormal storage or working conditions, accidently, neglect on the part of you or anyone else.
3. We take photos of the original view of the painting and send them along with the order.

How much time do I have to cancel my order?

You can cancel your order immediately after payment, but no later than 14-days after receiving the picture. Click for more information Returns Policy.

How much time do I have to pay for the painting?

Since ordering a painting in our art shop, you have 3 days to make payment. Afterwards your order will be canceled.

When can I get the refund for the goods that I return?

If you canceled the order before we could send you the painting, the money will be returned to you within 2-3 days.
If the painting is already sent, you will have to wait for it to come and send the artwork back to us within 14-days. When our courier receives the painting, we will refund your money within 3 working days. Alternatively, we can offer you to choose any other artwork with the same price and send it to you immediately after receiving the returned painting.

We will refund you on the credit card or debit card used by you to pay.

How are the paintings delivered? What are the delivery terms?

Packages are usually send within 2 days after receiving the payment. Paintings are delivered to any country in the world. The rout of delivery can be checked by means of the track code, which is sent to the customer just after the shipment.

The artwork will be sent from the country that it is located in. It can be Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Spain and others.
The delivery cost includes next expenses: processing, packaging and shipping. The total cost of delivery depends on the weight and size of the goods. We will always try to minimize the cost of shipping, but to ensure the secure delivery of the goods. Delivery time depends on the country of the recipient. As a rule, the delivery time varies from 10 to 40 days. After shipment of the artwork, the customer receives an approximate delivery date.
Click for more information Delivery information

What form will I get the picture?

We practice two ways of packing the painting before sending:

1. The canvas is rolled up and packed in a PVC tube of high quality to avoid damage. After opening the tube, the painting is returned to its original / flat state. Now the canvas can be stretched on a wooden base and put in a frame. This way of delivery is free of charge. Attention! Stretching paintings must be done in a professional workshop of your city.

2. The painting is delivered in its original state on an underframe and packed in a special solid cardboard box. We do our best to protect the painting as much as possible during the international delivery. Next, you can choose for the painting a decorative baguette, to complement the artwork.

How can I pay for a painting on canvas?

At the moment, we offer only one method of payment - PayPal. This is one of the most reliable and secure payment systems in the world. While paying, you go to the PayPal website.

Can I change the delivery address after the order?

Unfortunately, no. We can send only to the address indicated when you pay with PayPal. Please, provide the correct address when paying, as the address’s correction is not possible afterwards.

If my picture is lost during the transfer, how can I get a refund?

If you experience a significant delay in receiving artworks, it is very important that you contact us within 14 days since the estimated time of arrival displayed on your e-mail confirmation at

Will I get exactly the same picture as I see on my computer screen (phone, tablet)?

Although we have made every effort to display the colors accurately, we cannot guarantee that the colors of your computer display reflect the color of the painting accurately. Your Products may vary slightly from the images on the screen.

Can I order a copy of the painting sold to some other customer?

Yes, it is possible, but not for all paintings. Please, send your desire to the address:

Be sure to send the artwork’s ID. Please note that the copy of the painting will be similar to the original, but the colors may differ slightly. All our pictures are handmade and initially exist in a single copy.

Do I need an account to ask a question upon a particular work?

Registration on the site is required only if you want to make a purchase. You can ask a question by e-mail We will respond as soon as possible.

How can I understand how an item can look in my house?

A photo in the interior, where the dimensions of the artwork are indicated, necessarily accompanies each picture presented on our website.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you cannot log in, most likely you have not registered yet or entering the wrong password.
If you have not registered yet, you can register at any time. Registration is quick and easy.
Register now. If your problems with the confirmation remain, write to us to

Do you sell paintings created on order?

All the paintings presented in our art shop are unique and exist in a single copy. Nevertheless, you can order another copy of the product you like, if it is already sold.