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Our information

Art awakens our imagination, transforms our homes and makes the world brighter

Artspacedream is a small family-owned private online gallery, an original art shop. All the paintings presented are unique; you will not find any artworks of this kind anywhere else. We do not pursue the number of artworks; we collaborate with a narrow circle of artists we know well. However, we are always open to new acquaintances, meetings with talented people.

Gallery store Artspacedream

Our collection
Art has no boundaries
Come back to us and get discounts.

Our collection is constantly replenished with new artworks of pictorial art. Choose a painting for yourself in the style that is close to your soul and mind. We sell art for the soul, art for life, art for the home.

We will our art work to be found in different parts of the world. Choose in our gallery the artwork that you like most. It will be delivered neatly to your door other location you have stated. Details of the delivery.

If you appreciate our art, return to the gallery artspacedream. To show our gratefulness for your high opinion of our artworks, you will be offered excellent discounts.