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Oil painting on canvas — «Cabbage» , 50 x 60 cm


Dina Eltseva is a Russian artist working in the style of primitivism.

She is called the Russian Brueghel in his most joyful manifestation. Dina is a professional monumental artist. However, academic painting did not become fundamental in her creative career. Dina Eltseva found herself in the style of primitivism and feels great in it.

The themes of the paintings are purely folk. Dina depicts the Russian heartland with the eternal Russian dream - «everything at once, a lot and fell from the sky.» Therefore, if the villagers find a mushroom in the forest, which is of incredible size and you can take it, cut it, divide it and it would provide all people for a long time. The rivers of wine, cakes as high as the house where you can live at the same time, and the fish is of whale’s size. It is noteworthy that the artist treats such attitudes with sympathy. "After all, this is not an evil will and not a vile act," she says. "And the mentality of the Russian people must be taken for granted, with love, and no one needs to be altered."

The heroes of the artist's paintings are village dwellers - simple peasants and women. They all live in the ideal world that Eltseva created for them. Bright simple colors, joy on the faces of the villagers, giant fruits, an ideal rural life, as an impossible dream of universal happiness. Connoisseurs and lovers of painting see in the artworks of the artist Dina Eltseva an expression of the Russian national character.

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Product Details
Size 50x60cm
Weight 2000 g — sending in a cardboard box
Year 2016
Styles Primitive art, naive art
Artist Dina Eltseva

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